Who Should Get Certified

If you or your organization uses, stores and/or exchanges PHI you are considered a “covered entity” as defined by Texas Medical Records Privacy Act and should consider the advantages of certification.

The law defines a covered entity as anyone who:

(A) for commercial, financial or professional gain, monetary fees or dues, or on a cooperative, nonprofit or pro bono basis, engages, in whole or in part, and with real or constructive knowledge, in the practice of assembling, collecting, analyzing, using, evaluating, storing or transmitting PHI. The term includes a business associate, health care payer, governmental unit, information or computer management entity, school, health researcher, health care facility, clinic, health care provider or person who maintains an Internet site;

(B) comes into possession of PHI;

(C) obtains or stores PHI under this chapter; or

(D) is an employee, agent or contractor of a person described in (A), (B) or (C) insofar as they create, receive, obtain, maintain, use or transmit PHI.

SECURETexas is the only program in the country that offers certification for compliance with Texas and federal privacy and security laws that govern the use of PHI. The fact that certification can be a mitigating factor for fines or penalties brought under the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act adds to the program’s uniqueness and value.

Learn about the benefits of certification here.

Did you know?

In a poll conducted by Norse, 94 percent of medical institutions said they were victims of a cyber-attack in 2013.