Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is SECURETexas?

Why certify through SECURETexas?

How much does SECURETexas certification cost?

What is involved in the certification process and what is the first step?

Did Texas HB 300 expand the definition of “covered entity”?

Is a court required to consider whether the covered entity was certified at the time of the violation?

How often is a security analysis required under HIPAA?

Does SECURETexas certify compliance with HIPAA? Also, will obtaining the SECURETexas certification help with an OCR audit?

Does SECURETexas certify that Texas covered entities will be compliant with state and federal privacy and security law into the future?

How does this relate to or reduce HIPAA and breach-related fines and penalties?

How does this relate or reduce Texas and breach-related fines and penalties?

To whom does the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act apply?

Do you expect small organizations to seek certification?

Is Texas the first state to offer such a program?

Do you anticipate other states will follow the approach?

Why did Texas provide a vehicle for certification when the federal government does not?

Are there any advantages for organizations to obtain certification under SECURETexas when they do their annual HIPAA risk assessments?

If a covered entity doesn’t want to obtain certification under SECURETexas, does the entity still need to comply with the Texas Medical Records Privacy Act?

If our organization is HITRUST CSF Certified can that be leveraged to support certification under SECURETexas?

If our organization already subscribes to the HITRUST MyCSF™ tool, what do we need to do to perform a SECURETexas readiness assessment or track our remediation?

What is the Texas Health Services Authority (THSA)?

What is the relationship between the Texas Health Services Authority (THSA) and the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST)?

Why did the THSA contract with only one vendor to operate SECURETexas?